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Mille Miglia

Historic race

Immagine 18/05/2017


Old cars crossing full-speed with their bright colours  along the peninsula in order to greet  Sirmione’s castle with its fortress. Then they continue the race towards Rome, passing by the beautiful coasts of Benaco (better known as Garda lake).

Mercedes, Fiat, Bugatti vintage cars from the 20’s to the 50’s: only original pieces are part of the historic “Mille Miglia” race. You can wait for the cars to arrive and then admire their beauty from many locations: by the lakeside Diaz or the most desired one, from the Castle. Or you can sit comfortably outside a bar and watch the race from the town's streets. In fact every year Sirmione’s bars and restaurants prepare tables or gazebos along the route to allow you to enjoy the best race: drinking a glass of the famous “Lugana” or tasting a dish of the famous whitefish, while the most antique cars greet you along with their pilots. Let yourself get caught up by this “race in the past”.



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